FX Quant > Performance Fee

- Lyncestis LLP does not charge any upfront fee or an annual management fee("zero deal").

- Lyncestis LLP charges a performance fee of 20% of new net profit. The final performance fee would be paid upon the date the account is closed. The performance fee is payable only if the accumulated net profit as of the last business day of the quarter (the last business day preceding March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31 - cut-off dates) exceeds the accumulated net profit of the account on the last prior date on which the performance fee was paid (or, in the quarter the account is first established, as of the date trading commenced). Performance fee is calculated based on the Dollar profit generated in each separate account, and not on the average/aggregated rate of return (ROR) in all managed accounts. You can see this incentive fee calculation example in Excel. For more information on performance fee calculation, please request the full Disclosure Document from the contact page.

- Transaction charge: Lyncestis LLP does not charge a commission per individual transaction in addition to the performance fee of 20% listed above. Lyncestis LLP and Oanda / Interactive Brokers are not associated and do not compensate each other in any way.

- If the account incurs a net loss after a performance fee is paid, Lyncestis LLP will retain the performance fees already paid but will receive no further performance fee until the account's accumulated net profit is higher than the accumulated net profit at the time the prior performance fee was paid (the higher water mark rule). Clients are not being charged twice for the same profit.

- To pay the quarterly performance fee client can either:

    1.) send a bank wire transfer to Quant Trading LLC (recommended), or

    2.) pay through Payoneer, Fire.com, PayPal or Google Checkout.